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How can I add file attachments?

STARS does not inherently support file attachments.  Although it has been proposed on several occasions, we believe that the number of uses cases for static content is waning.  Most business processes are fluid.  Typically, so are the supporting documents and work product. As more organizations continue to move toward a collaborative environment, there is simply less […]

How do I Invite New Users to My Organization?

**Only Organizational admins can manage invite new users. Every STARS plan comes with a fixed number of user seats.  If you have reached your limit and wish to add more users, please contact us.  Additional seats can be purchased for a nominal fee.  Requests are typically processed within 24 hours excluding weekends and holidays. In order […]

How do I Manage User Permissions for my Organization?

**Only admins can manage user permissions. **Assigning Admin to a team member will allow them to delete, create, and rename boards.  It will also allow them to add current team members to boards and invite new users to participate in your Organization.  New user invites will be limited according to your account type as selected during the […]

What views are available?

Your project is displayed on a STARS Board and there are a few different ways you can view them. The wall, or traditionally known Kanban view, is the default setting for your Board.  This view is displayed with cards in columns which are labeled and color coded by the account administrator. You can toggle between […]

What are micro projects?

The project you are managing is displayed on STARS Boards and they have multiple tasks and deadlines.  Sometimes a Board needs a task that includes many tasks.  We call this a Project.  It is a sub-workflow — a project within a project.  A Project has many tasks which must be completed.  They appear on the […]

How do I create tasks?

In STARS, tasks are displayed as “cards,” known as STARS Tasks on your project board.  Tasks can be assigned to specific team members, and include description, title, deadline, and can also be assigned .5-5 yellow stars, allowing the assignee to understand how to best prioritize their work.  Additionally, once a task is created, team members can […]

How do I get started?

Thank you for choosing STARS to manage your projects!  To get started, visit our pricing page to explore options. SELECT the package that suits your needs. Once you’ve selected the correct package, we will walk you through payment options.  The first 7 days are on us!  After 7 days you will be billed for the designated monthly service fee. […]