What are micro projects?

The project you are managing is displayed on STARS Boards and they have multiple tasks and deadlines.  Sometimes a Board needs a task that includes many tasks.  We call this a Project.  It is a sub-workflow — a project within a project.  A Project has many tasks which must be completed.  They appear on the STARS Board as a sub project under your main project.  To create a Project, select the Create Project icon from your STARS toolbar (as hi-lighted below in yellow).

Create Project

Once you’ve selected the Create a Project icon, a new box will be displayed.  Name your Project.  You can also assign the project to specific boards, team members, privacy, priority, and due dates.  When finished, select Create Project.

Project Task Card

Next, a new box will be displayed where you can assign tasks to your Project.  You can also assign task numbers for previously created tasks to be added to this micro project.

new task within micro project

For your convenience, you may also “drag and drop” previously created tasks to the name of the Project which appears in the left hand toolbar under your STARS Board name.  In this example, the Project’s name is test.

new project in left hand pane