What views are available?

Your project is displayed on a STARS Board and there are a few different ways you can view them.

The wall, or traditionally known Kanban view, is the default setting for your Board.  This view is displayed with cards in columns which are labeled and color coded by the account administrator.

wall view kanban

You can toggle between wall view and list view by selecting the View icon (hi-lighted in yellow below).


When selecting the alternative view, list view, the cards are in a long list with full card details to the right of the list.  This can be convenient when viewing your board on smaller screens such as a tablet.

list view


Another view you can toggle is the way the cards are displayed.  By default the cards are displayed in “full view”.

full view

You can toggle this view by selecting the Card View icon (hi-lighted in yellow in the example below).

card views

Once the icon has been selected, the compact card view will be displayed.

compact view

Selecting the icon again will return the view to full card view.