How do I create tasks?

In STARS, tasks are displayed as “cards,” known as STARS Tasks on your project board.  Tasks can be assigned to specific team members, and include description, title, deadline, and can also be assigned .5-5 yellow stars, allowing the assignee to understand how to best prioritize their work.  Additionally, once a task is created, team members can collaborate in the notes and invite other team members to participate.  The task’s status can be updated, allowing the card to move along the time-line until completion.  This is a great tool for program managers because it allows them to visually see, and check on, milestones and deadlines.

To create a STARS Task, simply select the Create New Task icon (seen hi-lighted in yellow in this example) at the top of your Stars Board.

Create Task

Upon selection, a new Stars Task card will display and from there you can detail title, description, deadline, assignee, and priority of the task.

Task Card

Select Create Task upon completion to send the task to its designated team member.  Alternatively, you can select Cancel to terminate the task creation.  The assgined team member will receive an alert that a new task has been assigned to them.  By default, the alert is sent to their email and a chime is heard.  These selections, and more, can be altered in the Account Settings–>Preferences Menu.