How do I Edit a Team Member’s Permission on a Specific Project Board?

**Currently, only admins can manage Project Boards.

STARS allows for the creation of many Project Boards which can each have their own team members.  These team members can be managed from your STARS board by simply selecting the More button.  Next, choose Manage Boards.

account settings

Your list of Project Boards will be displayed.  In order to edit the permissions of a team member for a specific Project Board, select Edit on the Project Board.

edit board

A new selection will appear to the right.  Pick the team member you would like to edit.  Select Settings.

Edit team member settings

The team member’s settings are now displayed.  Check the fields you would like the team member to have the ability to manage for this Project Board.  Selecting Make Admin will give the user permission to make all changes.  Select Save Settings when permission selection is complete.

**Note – Selecting “Make Admin” will not give the team member administrative permissions for all of your boards and Organization.  It will only make the team member an admin for this specific board.